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We are team of experts from India whose skillsets are at your service to evolve your products and services to a brand through a streamlined process of digital marketing, design and advertisement.
How visible is your company across the internet?
We at Misty Dots Marketing Solutions, Bangalore,

pride ourselves on being the leader in digital marketing solutions. We connect with small start-ups and discover what a digital marketing strategy could do for their business.

There’s really no one size fits all strategy at Misty dots. Everything we do is tailored specifically to each individual business needs.

We can be your digital marketing partner that can help boost your online exposure to help bring in more customers and clients through inbound marketing all across the web and maximize your ROI on your marketing initiatives.

The past scenario used to be that just having a plain static website was enough to reach the masses on the web.

Now the business owner not only has to be concerned about their website and that it is up to date with Google’s latest algorithmic changes, but also having a presence in social media as well as monitoring your companies good reputation across social platforms and business directories to maximize your company’s potential is the most necessity.

It’s simply too much for any business owner to handle themselves in addition to running a business. The client relationship is the foundation of everything we do here.

The good news is that we are here to help you out with your online marketing needs.

We help small businesses of all sizes improve their internet presence through better website design, social media marketing, advertising, Sevent and campaign management and graphic and logo design. By having all of these exposure, it helps establish better brand awareness and increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time when someone is searching the web for your company’s services or products.
We look forward to speaking with you about how we can help grow your business with the power of internet marketing.

Visual Design

Creative graphic designs
for graphics and web

Market Analysis

Analysis and competitive
strategy to promote.

Print works

All varieties of print solutions
and branded stationeries.

Brand Strategy

Analyse , follow up, strategize and
improvise marketing techniques.


Brainstorming with clients to
find best solution

Project Planning

Organized and synchronized
project checklist process.

The branding evolution.

That is it! Warm shake hand and a cup of coffee and we take you to the ride of your brand evolution!

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